Test Ride a WTB Saddle from Salida Bike Company!
  • Bicycle saddles are a very personal item for cyclists.  A saddle that is comfortable for one person may seem like a torture device for another.  Many times, the ideal saddle also ends up being more expensive than a basic model.  It can be a difficult decision because no one wants to spend any amount of money for something they ultimately won’t ride because it’s too painful.  The best way to find that personally perfect saddle is to ride one.  Now you can!  Salida Bike Company has 10 different WTB test ride saddles.  Bring your bike in and we will help you choose a saddle and install it.  Take it out for a ride or two and if you don’t like it, then try another one.   We have mountain and road saddles for women and men.  The program is free and once you find a saddle that works for you, we’ll get you out riding on your very own.

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