Seasons to Ride
  • Seasons to Ride – Every Season is a Reason to Ride

    Spring – Depends on the Snow Fall

    Riding in the spring totally depends on how much snow falls in the winter.  In 2010-11, it fell deep and pure so the high mountain trails barely opened in July.  In 2013, the snow is thin, so shallow, so the high trails will open much earlier.  If you had to bet the rent money, most of the time in spring you can ride all the trails near Salida, the Colorado Trail, the Rainbow Trail and the trails near Buena Vista.  It’s enough after the long months of winter.

    Summer – As Perfect as it Gets

    By July, everything is open and perfect.  The lower trails near Salida and Buena Vista get hot in the afternoons, so ride them in the morning or evening.  Afternoon thunderstorms up high occur daily, so try to get off the highest trails by 2 pm or earlier.  Zap!

    Fall – No Crowds & Golden Aspens

    The days are warm and sunny, the wind stops, the trees change color, the kids are back in school and the trails are empty.  Sometimes you can ride all the trails into early November.  Expect cool mornings and nights, perfect daytime temps and a gradual transition from lighter ales to porters and stouts as winter looms and every hour on the trail feels like a guilty pleasure.

    Winter – You Can Ride Salida All Year Round

    Most years, the Salida Mountain Trails system just seconds from the Salida Bike Company stay open all winter because the sun generously pours down on the south slopes of the Arkansas Hills and melts away any snow.  There are exceptions to this rule, but it’s true 70% of the time.  Call us first, we’ll give you the skinny on winter riding or CLICK HERE for current Salida riding conditions.

    Riding the Colorado Trail near Blank’s Cabin in late summer. So fine!