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  • Since 2004, Salida Mountain Trails has added 26 miles of new singletrack trails around Salida.  Some of the SMT built trails, especially those in the Arkansas Hills, are among the most heavily used in the area: Backbone, Frontside, Burnpile and Lil’ Rattler. For a complete list of 2013 achievements and 2014 goals, visit the SMT website at

    Mike Sugaski, a trail work coordinator for SMT, explains, “Trails don’t just happen.  Even when public lands abound, as they do around Salida, the planning for a fun, multi-use trail system takes years.  We started planning for the trails that exist today as much as 10 years ago with the BLM’s Travel Management Plan.”  Crunching numbers, SMT stats reveal local trail construction alone, not including all the planning and relationship-building time, costs approximately $3 to $6 per linear foot.

    “Revenue from members and business donations is essential to match other grants and to leverage the efforts of volunteers, Sugaski said. “We have an amazing group of volunteers here; we can get 30 or 40 people out on our monthly Shindigs – year-round – helping to build and maintain trails.  What they have accomplished is amazing.  With donations, we can leverage that volunteer time by paying our local trail construction companies to help us build more miles.”

    All members will receive a membership card entitling them to discounts at Salida’s bike shops, which includes 5% off at Salida Bike Company.

    In addition to these great discounts, each of these generous retailers will match the dollar amount of the discount with a donation to SMT.  For example, if a shopper spends spends $100 at Salida Bike Company, presenting the SMT member card earns a $5 discount , which nets Salida Mountain Trails a $5 donation from Salida Bike Company!


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