SBC Adds New Lines!
  • Salida Bike Company’s New Lines Have Arrived!

    Yeah, Chariot!  Nothing beats the comfort and versatility of a Chariot.  Stroller one minute, bike trailer the next.  Jogging off-road?  No problem, just attach the jogging kit.  Going skiing, we’ve got that covered too!

    Fairdale has a look to be rivaled.  BMX inspired, Austin based.  Come by an take one for a spin!  You’ll love this ride.

    Leave your truck parked — Xtracycle can expand your ride!

    And as you know, we carry Giant, Surly, and Striders.

    Salida Bike Company has bikes for all ages, all riding styles, all year round.  Stop by SBC to find the bike set-up that’s exactly what you’re looking for.



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