Our History
  • The Story Behind the Salida Bike Company

    Anton van Leuken was born in Yonkers, NY, abruptly moved north to Ithaca, spent time abroad living in the Netherlands (where his parents grew up), and went all the way to Prague before he ever got west of Buffalo.
    Anton distinctly remembers adjusting his first brake pad on a blue Columbia road bike as his first mechanical attempt. His first mountain bike, a Specialized Hard Rock, showed up in 1991.
    So began mountain biking, the breaking of parts, the camaraderie of the group ride, the volunteering at a community bike shop, all while eventually getting an English degree with a minor in Political Science, breaking bones through solely soccer-related incidents, driving a taxi and finally moving out west to Colorado.
    Now Anton runs the Salida Bike Company as its owner and head mechanic. He still revels in the delight of new bikes, old bikes and what it takes to make them run as smooth as silk.

    Grandpa van Leuken racing bikes in the Netherlands.

    Anton, Amber and Ava live in the Historic District of Downtown Salida, just a few blocks from the shop. After working as a mechanic for several years in the eastern United States, Anton honed his skills with nearly a decade of full time bike wrenching in Colorado before starting the Salida Bike Company.
    He is well-versed in the Rocky Mountain bike culture, not only as one who knows what bikes ride the nicest, but as one who feels the spirit of the singletrack.
    The Salida Bike Company is housed in downtown Salida in the former Chivas-Lovell Gallery. It’s a historic building that has gone through many different owners and businesses throughout the history of this railroad town. Today, it’s Salida’s newest bike shop, located just seconds from the Arkansas River and the fun singletrack of the Salida Mountain Trails.
    Stop in, meet Anton. We can fix your bike and tell you the best places to ride around Salida, Buena Vista and Leadville.