Other Strange Things
  • Other Strange Things Around Salida

    Bungled Jungle

    Check out these wild, crazy, zany and totally cool monsters!  132 West 1st Street, Salida. 719-539-3759. www.bungledjungle.com

    Aliens in the Valley

    People say there are aliens in the San Luis Valley.  Cattle mutilators.  Bright lights.  Raves.  Camp there and look skyward.  If you don’t report back, we know you’ve been abducted. Read all about it here.

    Old signs painted on buildings

    Stroll around Salida and seek out the old advertising signs painted on the brick walls.  They’re cool.

    Unique Theater Needs a Savior

    Our historic theater was purchased by people who tore it up and ran out of money before they fixed it up again.  This theater needs a sugar daddy/momma.  If you’ve got some millions, please make it happen.  Check it out here – Colorado Preservation.

    The Can

    This is the giant spray-painted water storage facility amidst the Salida Mountain Trails system.  If you went to high school here, you painted your girl’s name up there in your best ghetto graffiti.  Later you returned to paint over it.

    There are more strange things…tell us your favorites.  Send photos.


    This is what it looks like if you snorkel up under a duck. Tell me that's not strange. www.NathanWard.com