Mountain Biking the Monarch Crest Trail?
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    ‘Tis the season for asking about high mountain trails.  And for letting you know that the Monarch Crest Trail is never officially closed, it just gets a little tricky for certain modes of transportation.  In any case, right now (as of July 1st 2014) there’s about 4 significant lengthy drifts of snow.  There’s a trench shoveled through one of them, but it’ll be pretty slushy for a while.  And take caution at the end of the drift, you’ll potentially find a steep drop back down to the trail.  So expect to portage your bike over the drifts, self-arrest your way back down to the trail, and please don’t skirt around the snowdrifts, it’s hard on the high alpine tundra.  You’ll find great singletrack where the snow ends though, just don’t be surprised.  We’ll keep you posted when the snow gets more manageable.  Once you get past the Marshall Pass road intersection, you’ll find Silver Creek Trail and Rainbow Trail to Highway 285 to be in great shape.

    For info on other trails in the area, most of which are snow free, click here !

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