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    Surly Bikes aren’t fancy, but they are core and super functional.  These bikes will take you anywhere on the planet you want to ride – across the Himalayas on a singlespeed 29er Karate Monkey, Colorado cyclocross racing on a Cross-Check, riding across the entire USA on a Long Haul Trucker, freezing your toes off on the Iditarod trail on the back of a Moonlander.  These bikes do it all.
    Salida Bike Company can also hook you up with Surly’s tough new utility trailers, the Trailer Bill and Trailer Ted.
    Visit the shop for prices and we’ll talk with you about the possibilities.


    Surly Cross-Check - race or just ride the world.

    Surly Moonlander - snow racing or expeditions to Alaska's wild ocean shores.

    Surly Troll - orange is a good color.

    Surly - Bill the Trailer. Recycle, haul wood, enter a truck pull.

    Surly Big Dummy - Haul your kayak to the river. Or whatever.