Our Crew
  • Those Who Work at Salida Bike Company

    Anton van Leuken – Owner & Head Mechanic

    After volunteering for years at Recycle Ithaca’s Bikes in New York (where he and Amber first met), he ran his own bike repair shop for two years.  Then he moved to Salida in 2004 and worked as a professional bike mechanic for eight years before opening Salida Bike Company with his wife Amber. Anton not only brings a wealth of experience to the shop, he grooves on obscure bicycle technical facts that escape most of us.  Anton holds a bachelor’s degree in English and is also a graduate  of United Bicycle Institute. In 2012 he received his Park Tool Tech Summit Certification.

    Amber van Leuken – Co-Owner 

    When a student at Crested Butte Academy, Amber first visited Salida to race the Banana Belt loop in 1998.  She then went to college in Ithaca, NY, and raced for the Cornell University mountain bike team and volunteered at Recycle Ithaca’s Bikes, where she met Anton.  After moving to Salida and working for years at Ark-Valley Humane Society, Amber is now a busy mom, animal shelter grant writer, and a coach for the Salida High School Mountain Bike Team.  Amber’s invaluable work with SBC is mostly behind the scenes, where she greatly enjoys supporting her family’s dream.

    Cat Gruener – Master Mechanic & Instructor

    Before coming to Salida, Cat worked as a senior instructor at the Barnett Bicycle Institute (BBI) in Colorado Springs, perhaps the best bike mechanic training program in the country.  She will also be leading and teaching the SBC’s workshops, including special classes for women.  Cat isn’t bad on a bike either, with a 4th place finish in the Leadville 100 and a category win in the Mountain States Cup.

    Andrew Mesesan – Mechanic & Sales

    From Salida, by way of Bend via Salida over from western PA, (got it?) Andrew brings a master level of tech ability to Salida Bike Company, and the ability to manual all the way to the trailhead.